Fish farming is the breeding of fish for commercial and food purposes. It is now done on a large scale by many fishing companies around the world. Hatcheries are made to increase the population of fish or for recreational fishing. Fish farming is done mostly to meet the demands for fish meat and to avoid overfishing. Some fish that can be farmed are cod, carps, catfish and tilapia.


Fish Farming Techniques:


  • Caging system- this method uses cages or nets wherein fish are bred and fed artificially. The fish are then harvested when the qualifications meet that of the market. This method is advantageous for fish farming in water sources like lakes and ponds. Fish breeds could be mixed in the same cages.


  • Fish ponds- small scale farming could employ the use of ponds as methods of breeding fish. These fish ponds can be built within farms and backyards. Ponds are useful for raising fish for family consumption.


  • Raceways- flowing water from water sources such as rivers could be diverted into raceways containing fish. However, there are restrictions with the use of water for raceways and the water must be treated before releasing the used water back to the source.


  • Re-circulating system- this method uses recycled water to raise fish. The water is used then treated and used again in the fish container. The disadvantage of this method is the electric and maintenance cost.

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