The KISSING GOURAMI is a popular tropical fish that originated from Thailand. It was once bred as food fish. These tropical fish are known for their “kissing” behavior which scientists believe to be harmless challenges between two males. As you read on, you’ll find out more amazing facts about kissing gourami.


Interesting Kissing Gourami Description


  • The fish occurs in two natural colors; pink or flesh-colored. An artificially bred genetic mix is the green kissing gourami, also known as the ‘green kisser’. These breeds were once classified into one species but they have been reclassified into two. The green kisser (Helostoma temminckii) has dark borders on its dorsal and anal fins. The traditional breeds are classified under the Helostoma rudolfi species.


  • The features of both sexes of the species do not differ. They have the same oval shape and thick, fleshy lips. Behind the lips are rows of fine, sharp teeth which they use to graze on algae. Another characteristic of these fish is their labyrinth organ which helps them to breathe under conditions with limited oxygen by taking oxygen from the air.


  • Normally, these fish cannot take enough oxygen from the water around them and they must take gulps of air to satisfy their oxygen needs. Therefore, these fish need to have access to the surface of the water.


Facts about Kissing Gourami Habitat


These fish are found in areas with heavy vegetation. They rely on water plants to give shelter to their eggs and as places for courtship and breeding.


Kissing Gourami Breeding


Spawning occurs with an elaborate dance of circling, nudging, beating of tails and kissing. After they spawn, remove the parents as they may eat their own young.


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