Collecting and keeping tropical fish is a very popular hobby. Maintaining an aquarium is a very tedious process and a hobbyist needs to be equipped with a complete understanding of a healthy environment, proper diet and other needs of his or her aquatic pets. The compatibility of different types of fish varies because some species are aggressive and even predatory. Utmost attention needs to be paid to know which type of fish can be housed with which.


More Facts about Aquarium fish for Hobbyist


  • Tropical fish are harvested mostly in the wild. These fish naturally inhabit bodies of water found in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. After these wild fish are caught, they are then sifted and sold to dealers in many countries worldwide.


  • A very interesting fact about fish is their inability to blink. Although many owners of fish have sworn that they saw their fish blink, it is most likely that they saw their fish spinning their eyeballs (yes they can!) which makes it appear as though the fish is blinking. Many fish can see in different colors others can only distinguish between light and darkness. Also, fish do not sleep as humans do. Instead, they undergo periods of rest.


  • Taking care of tropical fish in an aquarium setting is difficult. According to Doctors Smith and Foster, 95% of aquarium fish deaths are a result of poor environmental conditions and diet.

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