ROCKFISH, also known as the striped bass, inhabit bays and areas around the coast. In Chesapeake, rockfish play a significant role in the economic viability of the fishing industry. Because of this, the species was named as the official fish in the state of Maryland. More interesting facts about rockfish are given below.


Rockfish Description


  • The length of the growth process between male and female rockfish differs significantly. Male rockfish grow into adulthood in about 2 years while the females reach adulthood at 4 years.


  • The age of these species can be identified by counting their scale rings; some specimens of these species live up to a hundred years old, making them one of the longest-living species of fish known today.


  • Rockfish grow to be about 5 feet long and are known to have large tail sizes. The color of their fins can vary from green to blue or black.


Facts about Rockfish Diet


This marine fish mostly feed on crustaceans such as small crabs and shrimps and also on types of zooplankton.


Habitat and Migration


Rockfish migrate from the coasts of Maryland and Virginia to the coasts of New England in spring. When winter comes, the fish return to their previous areas inhabited.


Rockfish Fishing


Talking about legalities concerning fishing for rockfish, Federal requirements forbid commercial fishing on territorial waters. In the 1960’s, there was a dip in the rockfish population and a conservation program was implemented.

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