Threadfin rainbowfish in breeding condition is a spectacular sight. Healthy and well-bread adults display many different intense colors. Meinkin described them, also called Featherfin Rainbowfish, in 1974. They are found around Indonesia, New Guinea and Northern Australia. They are not endangered fish species.




This aquarium fish is tiny and streamlined. The male’s basic body color is silver but colors vary based on health, diet and environment conditions and have a longer fin and display more intense colors than females. Females are a rich honey color with green tints and translucent fins. The fish grow up to 2 inches (5cm).




Their expressive and serene manner accompanied by their striking color, make them a great inhabitant for the aquarium. They are not aggressive. They prefer a well planted tank without harsh lighting and too much open space.




This fish are omnivorous. They mainly feed on small insects and flake foods.


As Pet – Facts about Threadfin Rainbowfish you should know


Threadfin Rainbowfish swim mostly in the top regions of the water. Water conditions required are; temperature: 73-84°F, hardness: 5 – 19Dgh and pH: 6.0 – 7.5.


They require a school of at least 5 fish. Have a variety of densely placed plants. Bogwood can be used to make the water acidic and swampy. They require 15 gallons of water, with 25 – 50% water changes per week and a tightly closed tank.




Acidic and soft water is a prerequisite for breeding. The temperature must be 78°F (26°c). Java moss or a spawning mop must be used to breed. The eggs must be removed as they are laid and the fry fed with liquid fry food or micro-worms.

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