The Zebra Loach is also called the Striped Loach or Thinline Loach and belongs to the Family Cobitidae. Given below are more fascinating facts about Zebra Loach.


Zebra Loach Fast Facts


  • Description: At a glance it appears to have many vertical lines, but it actually has a yellow-green body with nine broad dark blue-green bands. The bands have straight, broken or branched white lines. The fins and tail are transparent with brown spots on the tail. The mouth has four pairs of barbels. This aquarium fish grow up to 3 ½ to 4 inches (8-10cm) but usually smaller in an aquarium.


  • Behavior: It is a nocturnal fish, but is sociable and will roam out during the day when adapted to its environment. They are best in small groups and prefer their own species, but occasionally become nippy. They are hardy and undemanding fish.


  • Diet: Zebra Loach is omnivorous and eats all kinds of foods. They keep snail numbers low by eating them.


  • Habitat: Their natural habitat is Mysore in southern India, and they occupy stagnant or slow flowing waters.


Essential Facts about Zebra Loach for Aquarists


They like a tank with plants, open swimming areas and retreats under rocks and wood. Use soft lighting and ensure the gravel or sand have no sharp edges. Plants should be hardy with protected roots.


As social fish, they mingle well with other loaches and non-aggressive tank companions. They should be kept in groups of at least 3 in their own groups. They are chirpy and entertaining.


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