The Paradise fish is among the more glamorous of fish. Due to the demand of these fish, they have been mass-produced resulting in unhealthy fish. You should thus choose your stock carefully. It is advisable to consider this information about paradise fish before getting one as pet.


Paradise fish Description


The Paradise Fish or Paradise Gourami is very colorful, with colors ranging from black to albino. It has a thick longitudinal body and a forked tailfin, with a longer one for males than females. They are labyrinth fish and the maximum length is 4 inches (10cm) with tails an additional 2 inches. Males have brighter and stronger color patterns with longer and larger fins.




They inhabit South East Asia, in streams, rice paddies and ditches. They are popular and not endangered.




The Paradise fish is an omnivore but prefer meaty food.


Facts about Paradise Fish you should know.


This aquarium fish populate small bodies of water in nature and an aquarium should mimic this environment. They mark their territory, which they defend.  They swim in all regions of the water.


They are hardy and adaptable. Water conditions for this fish is 61-81°F (16-27°C), hardness 5-30 dGH and ph of 5.8-8.0. They need a covered 20 gallon tank, gentle water flow and sturdy plants.




Paradise fish behave similar to Bettas but less extreme. It is difficult to select appropriate tank companions due to their aggressive, predatory nature. They mostly prefer to live alone and both genders together work best.




They are bubble nest builders, which they’ll strongly defend. The male cares for the spawn until maturity. Fry emerge a few days after spawning. They are readily available.

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