Kribensis belong to the family Cichlidae. They are also called Purple Cichlid, Rainbow Krib and Pink Kribensis Cichlid. Kribensis are easy to feed and breed. Today most are captive bred, including albinos. Give below are more facts about kribensis.


Kribensis Fast Facts


  • They have a basic brown color and a purple shine, with red blotches at the bottom. The caudal and dorsal fins have pale yellow edges with black spots. They have different color morphs and appearances depending on their origin.


  • Kribensis have one set of nostrils as opposed to other fish with 2 sets. They possess pharyngeal teeth in the throat, like some other saltwater fish. The male’s length is 10cm and the female 7cm. They reach the age of 5 years.


  • Kribensis is a usually peaceful and tolerant fish.


  • The Kribensis was described by Boulenger in 1901.


  • The fish roam in pairs and form close-knit families. They inhabit waters of southern Nigeria in the mouth of the Ethiop River and also on the coast of Cameroon. The waters there are greatly variable.


  • They are omnivore and feed mainly on worms, crustaceans and insects. Wild caught fish are sometimes imported, but most are captive bred.


More Kribensis Facts for Aquarists


They can be kept in a small aquarium, with any water condition as long as it is kept constant.


They prefer dense plantation with rocks and wood to hide under, but also open swimming spaces. They are not an endangered species.


A tank of 20 gallon is required with brackish or freshwater with caves and plenty swimming room.

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