Tropical fish are probably the only companions who are both beautiful and low maintenance. You may not have the time to put into taking care of a cat or a dog, but a fish is certainly easy. For one, they do not need walking; neither do you have to work hard to keep them from clawing the furniture.


Here are some interesting facts about tropical fish:


  • More than half of the people who buy tropical fish start by buying a small aquarium before upgrading to a bigger one. They are quite addictive it appears. To avoid the hassle of going back to the pet shop for a bigger tank, avoid buying a very small one.


  • Different types of tropical fish have different behavior. Some do not mingle with fish from another species, some are anti social and prefer to be alone, and some are super aggressive while some will give quality time to anyone who is there. Before you make your purchase, try to find out what the fish will act like.


  • Tropical fish are not all equally adept at surviving in a fish tank with fluctuating levels of ammonia and nitrate. Be sure to get the type of fish that can survive the environment you can provide.


  • Do not just look at the size another of the fish when you are buying them. Find out how big they can grow. Some fish look small but later on will grow much bigger – forcing you to buy fish tank.


  • Be sure to fit the aquarium with filters, pumps and heaters. These filtration systems will create the right environment for your fish to live in. Take note that not all filtration systems are the same. The filtration system should suit the type of fish you want.

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