The Hagfish is a peculiar-looking fish discovered by Per Kalm, the student of Carl Von Linne in 1747. These marine fish have caught the interest of many scientists for more or less a century. These marine craniates belong to the Agnatha class or jawless fish. These fish are known for their interesting habit of producing copious amounts of slime when disturbed. According to Hagfish facts, there are over 70 species of hagfish and some are being discovered year after year.


Hagfish Description


The skeleton of a hagfish is made up of cartilage. This structure was once believed to be suited for a parasitic life but scientists later agreed that hagfish are scavengers and feed only on the decaying and dying fish. Hagfish are one of the slowest evolving species of fish and it is speculated that hagfish have stayed the same for 550 million years.

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