Before going off on a deep-sea fishing trip, it is helpful to a little homework.


Facts about Deep Sea Fishing: What you need to know?


  • A deep sea fishing expedition involves fishing at water that is 100 feet deep and from a vessel that is not visually discernible from the shore.


  • The most popular methods of deep-sea fishing are drifting, trolling, bottom fishing, jigging and popping. The method chosen depends on the location of the fishing trip and the intended catch.


  • Use fishing equipments that does not corrode or weaken from too much pressure and exposure to salty water.


  • You will need a lot of patience. A good catch does not usually come quickly or easily.


  • Be cautious – there are far more dangers in the deep sea than closer to the shore. Watch out for bad weather, tides, and predators. Stock up on supplies in case of an emergency and learn all emergency procedures.


  • Ask your captain for advice on how to deal with different situations. Let him give feedback on how you are doing. As an experienced person, he more than likely has one or two important tips.


  • Deep-sea fishing is very common off the coasts of Texas, Alaska, Florida, Connecticut, Maine, South Carolina and Massachusetts. Of course that does not mean you cannot travel to another destination like say, the Bahamas.


  • The budget may run from less than a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. Important considerations that affect cost are the number of people involved, length of the trip and size of the boat.

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