Fishing Etiquette – Taking out your Line. Below are some useful tips in fly fishing.


  • When another angler has caught a fish, make sure they have enough space to bring their fish out of the water by taking out your line. This applies especially when they are upriver from you.


  • When fly fishing, maintain silence. Most people fish just to enjoy the quiet environment; they do not want someone chattering nearby. It is understood that this includes the radio. Besides, any noise can spook the fish and ruin the chances of actually catching one.


  • Be helpful to other anglers. They probably need help getting back something that has been misplaced or that is floating away. The experience is much more fun when you cooperate.


  • Take care of you own safety. Avoid going alone to lonely places, do not wade without good wading boots, make sure you have a good wading staff, and be familiar with the place.


  • Have a Tackle Box so that you are sure all your stuff is in one place. In it, there should be some worms and bait in a container. These should not be kept together with other lures. Include different lures for different seasons.


  • Your fishing vest and fishing equipments should be well organized. This saves you the trouble of fumbling around for something when you want to use it. Only take essentials.


  • Sun block is a necessity when you’re in fly fishing trip. Think about standing in one place for eight hours. By the time you are done you will want some protection.


  • Use Polarized Glasses to enable you see through the water surface to the fish you want to catch. A hat will help reduce the glare.


  • Do not wear red, yellow, black, white or navy blue because these colors can attract flies.

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