The PACU FISH, which closely resembles the piranha, is a tropical fish of the family Serrasalminae. The only differences of this fish from their cousins are their teeth which are square as opposed to the piranha’s pointed and sharp ones. Both these fish are characids or, as they are often referred to, tetras. Increase your knowledge about interesting tropical fish facts. Below are more amazing facts about pacu fish.


  • Pacu fish description


Pacu fish have large eyes and flat, round bodies with an arched back. They grow up to 12-24 inches but some specimens have been known to grow up to 30 inches and weigh over 50 lbs. In an aquarium setting, the pacu’s growth rate is stunted and it does not grow as large as in open spaces. These fish live up to 15 years or more.


  • Facts about Pacu fish diet


The diet of the pacu consists mainly of insects, snails, small fish and decaying vegetation. In the aquarium, the pacu can be fed with flakes, pellets and frozen vegetables.


  • Species of Pacu fish


The pacu comes in two varieties: the red pacu and the black pacu or the tambaqui. Pacu fish are bred commercially due to their tolerance to low oxygen levels and they don’t require any special diets. The black pacu is favored due to its strong resistance against diseases and it is consumed widely by humans. Pacu fish are considered to be one of the best tropical delicacies.


  • Pacu fish interesting behavior


Pacu fish enjoy the company of other fish when they are still juveniles and tend to prefer solitude when they reach maturity.

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