The Atlantic Bluefin tuna is an exceptional fish. This marine fish is larger than the average tuna. To be exact, this massive fish grows to be 6.5 feet in length and weight 550 pounds! Below are more amazing facts about Atlantic Bluefin Tuna that would provide you concise but informative trivia about this massive tuna.


  • They not only are huge but are designed to be able to swim very fast; rates of 43 miles per hour.


  • Their shape resembles an airplane which allows them to experience a low amount of drag. They can retract their fins to reduce the drag they sometimes experience.


  • They are considered to be warm-blooded and in turn can venture into icy cold waters with ease.


  • This species of fish is considered to be endangered for the simple fact that their meat is delicious to people all over the world.


  • They can be found in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean near Europe.


  • The tuna feeds on a variety of other sea creatures like eel. They also are able to filter feed on tiny organisms. Eating all this different food helps the tuna to grow so large.


The biggest Bluefin tuna ever caught weighed an incredible 1,496 pounds. Even though they are a robust fish, they are endangered because of commercial fishing.

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