Archer fish, also known as Banded Archerfish, belongs to the Toxotidae family. They have the amazing ability to shoot prey with a forced stream of water from their mouths, even insects on low lying branches. The fish was described by Pallas in 1767 and are not listed as endangered. Read on to learn more fun facts about archer fish.


Archerfish Fast Facts


Archerfish Description: They have a typical silver or white color with 4-6 black vertical bands, with the first one covering the eye. The young have irregular yellow patches on top. They have an elongated and flattened body with a sharp head. This marine fish grows up to 12 inches (30cm) long.


Diet: The Archer fish are carnivores.


Habitat: It is commonly found in the coastal waters of tropical Asia. They mainly inhabit salty mangrove swamps and also occupy rivers and streams.


Behavior: They are not aggressive with other species of fish and do well in a tank with other brackish fish.


Facts about Archerfish for Aquarium hobbyist


  • The fish mostly swims in the middle or top of the aquarium. For long term care, brackish water is recommended.


  • Water requirements are hard water with a pH of 7.0 -8.0 and temperature of 77 – 86°F (25 to 30 °C). If companions of the same species are bigger in size, they tend to become aggressive, therefore it’s best to keep them alone in a tank.


  • There are no known sexual differences and has never been bred in captivity, because it is commonly available.


  • The tank should not be completely filled to allow the fish to use their unique shooting ability.


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