Fish have been around longer than we have – since 450 million years ago. In fact, they were here before dinosaurs.


They come in huge variety – over 25,000 identified species. There are more species of fish than of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined. Scientists still think they may yet identify 15,000 more species.


Even though 60% of fish species live in the sea, 99.99% of the earth’s water is seawater, this means that 40% of all fish species live in less than .01% of the earth’s water.


Fascinating Fish Facts: What you need to know?


  • Not all fish are hopeless outside water! For example, the spotted climbing perch not only absorbs water from the air, but can also crawl on land using its fins.


  • Not all types of fish have an air bladder, which enables them to stay afloat. The shark is one fish that has to keep swimming or stay on the ocean floor.


  • Another amazing fish facts is that it turns out flying is not unique to birds. Some fish can fly.


  • Fish can find their way even in unclear, murky water. They use a special sense organ known as the lateral line.


  • The great whale shark – the biggest of all the fish – can be as long as fifty feet!


  • The Philippine Goby grows to a maximum length of 1/3 of an inch – making it the smallest types of fish.


  • Fish are capable of sensing pain and stress.


  • Tropical fish from South America, Africa, Central America and Asia are very popular among Americans as pets.

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