Birds are truly fascinating creatures. There are many interesting facts about bird you may want to know. Be amazed and fascinated as you find out these amazing bird facts. Learn more about the different types of birds, their habitat, species, behaviors, flight ability and more.

  • The Papua New Guinean Hooded Pitohui is the only recognized poisonous specie of bird. This bird has poison on its feathers and skin.
  • Mot all bird species can fly. Dodo, penguins and ostriches are birds that cannot fly.
  • The only bird that has no wings is the Kiwi which can be found in New Zealand.
  • As birds rest, their heart beats around 400 times per minute and more than 1000 times per minute as they fly.
  • Archaeopteryx, has been on earth for about 150 million years, was known to be the oldest bird. The size of this bird was similar to raven’s. It had wings and was coated with feathers.

More Interesting Facts about Birds

  1. The average body temperature of birds is normally 7 to 8 degrees higher than the human’s. They use three-quarters of the air they breathe to cool down as they are not capable to sweat.
  1. Pigeons can fly at the speed of 100mph while doves, sandpipers, swifts and falcons can reach the speed of up to 200 mph.
  1. While the hummingbird’s eggs are the smallest eggs in the world, ostrich’s eggs are the biggest.
  1. About 1/5 of bird’s body is made of air sacs.

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