Scissortail Dartfish will dart around the aquarium and generally remain visible. They are also called the Blackfin Dartfish or Scissortail Goby. These are marine fish, and can grow up to 6 inches. Their scientific name is Oxycirrhites typus. More facts about Scissortail Dartfish are listed below:


Interesting fish facts: What you need to know about Scissortail Dartfish:


  1. They feed on meaty foods because they are carnivorous.
  2. Scissortail Dartfish take time to get used to fish tank surroundings.
  3. The tank should be covered all the time because Scissortail Dartfish is very good at jumping!
  4. They rarely bother other fish species, but will not survive if attacked by larger or more aggressive tank mates.


More Fish Facts


Let the fish have plenty of hiding spaces in the aquarium – rocks should do this pretty well. Over active or over aggressive behavior from tank mates is likely to increase the chances that Scissortail Dartfish also become aggressive. Sometimes a big tank helps to increase aggression.


Because of their darting, they are fun to watch. Scissortail Dartfish are carnivorous. They can eat brine shrimp, shrimp, and other meaty meals.

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