Siamese fighting fish is small-sized specie of fish that is carnivorous in nature. This aquarium fish is mostly found inhabiting in Mekong River that flows through different countries of South East Asia. If you want to increase you knowledge about this carnivorous fish, these interesting Siamese fighting fish facts are for you.

Quick Siamese fighting fish facts


Siamese fighting fish is characterized by its long tail fin and aggressive temperament. You can easily recognize this type of aquarium fish because of its colorful body, and different color patterns. Siamese fighting fish can grow between 6 centimeter and 8 centimeter.


As a carnivorous aquatic animal, Siamese fighting fish primarily fed on brine shrimp, insects, bloodworms and planktons.


Because of the size and colorful pattern on its body, Siamese fighting fish can only live for about 1 to 4 years. They are preyed by larger specie of fish, cats, and salamanders.

More Facts about Siamese fighting fish

  • Siamese fighting fish was named after “ikan bettah, a Thai name, meaning “biting fish”.
  • This fish was named as fighting fish because of their being territorial and protective in nature. In fact, you cannot keep two male Siamese fighting fishes together because they will fight until one or both of them are severely injured.
  • Females have shorter fins compare to its male counterpart.
  • Siamese fighting fish breathes with the help of its special organ that can be found on the top of its head which is called as Labyrinth.

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