Dwarf Gourami or Dwarf Banded Gourami are small at only two inches long, lovely to look at, and very much in demand for aquariums, especially small ones. They enjoy relative longevity and are capable of coexisting with different fish species in one tank. Know more facts about dwarf gourami with these interesting fish facts. Read on and enjoy!


They need to have leaves, twigs, and plenty of vegetation to hide in (they are quite timid) and build nests. This species of fish has been bred into different hybrids such as Powder Blue (Blue) Dwarf Gourami, Neon Blue (Rainbow) Dwarf Gourami, and the Flame (Fire Red/ ‘Blood’ Red) Dwarf Gourami.


In nature, they live in waterways and paddy field in places like India, Assam and Bangladesh. Their natural habitat is thick with vegetation, so you will find them in the Ganges River for example.


This aquarium fish has several defining characteristics:


  • Beautiful Colors – the males are a bright red – almost orange – background with blue green vertical stripes and a blue green belly
  • Small – can be only two inches
  • Non – aggressive, can live peacefully with other fish species in one tank
  • Dwarf Gourami can absorb oxygen from the atmosphere using its labyrinth organ
  • Omnivorous therefore eats all types of fish food available
  • Hardy – Although this does not mean that, you do not have to change the water regularly to prevent toxins building up.

They enjoy having a good amount of light, but also require dense vegetation and floating plants so they can hide when they want to

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