Silver Dollar is medium-sized freshwater fish that is native to South American rivers. It is one of the most popular freshwater fish nowadays and most fish enthusiasts keep silver dollar as aquarium fish. Learn more information about silver dollar through these fish facts. This article will provide you the list of interesting facts about silver dollar that review this fish’s characteristic, habitat, diet and more.

Basic Facts about Silver Dollar

Characteristics: Silver dollars are generally characterized by their disk-like body, short fins and luminous silver color. They are also known to be peaceful and sociable freshwater fish, but they can be prevailing predator within their environment.

Habitat: Silver dollars are known to have originated from Tapajas River basin. They are found inhabiting in tropical and well-vegetated rivers.

Diet: Silver dollars are omnivores in nature. They primarily feed on weeds, aquatic plants, and small invertebrates such as spiders, worms and insects.

More Silver Dollar Facts for Kids

  • Silver dollars are known to live and search for food in groups called as “shoals”.
  • Some species of reptiles, larges fish and birds are the predominant predators of silver dollar fish.
  • The size of silver dollar fish ranges from 5 centimeter to 14 centimeter.
  • Silver dollar can live around 2 to 10 years. Its optimum ph level is around 5 to 7.
  • Full grown female silver dollar can lay up to 2,000 eggs. They usually breed in soft, warm water.
  • When silver dollar is kept as aquarium fish, it is advisable not to keep them together with smaller species of fish. It is believed that silver dollars live happily in aquarium along with large fish like catfish and Oscar fish.

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