The Arapaima (Arapaima gigas), commonly called Piracucu, are beautiful, tropical fish native to the Amazon River that grow to a huge length of 15 feet. The Arapaima is considered to be an endangered fish species because these fish are hunted as food all throughout the Amazon. In this article, you’ll find fascinating facts about tropical fish Arapaima.


Facts about Arapaima Behavior and Habitat


These fish inhabit swampy waters with low oxygen concentrations. Because of this environment, the fish has developed a unique breathing system. It has a lung-like lining inside its throat which enables the fish to take in gulps of air from the surface. The air ‘breathed’ in acts as a necessary supplementary source of oxygen for the fish. Unfortunately, this behavior of gulping in air makes the Arapaima very vulnerable to fishermen. The gulp can be heard and the fishermen follow the sound towards the fish. The fish is then speared or caught with large nets.


Arapaima Meat


The flesh of this fish is considered to be a very delicious delicacy and many tourists and natives alike seek it in South America.


Arapaima Fun Facts


These fish grow very fast and are very good swimmers, capable of leaping out of the water to catch birds on the low-hanging branches of the trees nearby. This tropical freshwater fish is not advisable to keep as a pet because of their size. However, they are good things to view in a public aquarium.




The exact population of Aparaima in the wild is currently unknown due to the elusiveness of the fish.


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