Bluegill fish, with the scientific name of Lepomis macrochirus, is one of the most common freshwater fishes. They can be found inhabiting in all types of freshwater bodies and are easy to catch. They come in varied colors ranging from yellow to dark blue. More interesting facts about bluegill fish are given below:


Bluegill fish facts


  • The Bluegill is a common freshwater fish.
  • The fish has all kinds of different colors on it from blue to orange. The colors are especially bright when they are spawning.
  • The body of the fish is very rounded in shape.
  • Bluegills are particularly small in size; they weight around only one pound.
  • The record for a Bluegill is about 4 pounds.
  • The Bluegill is originally from the water around the United States and Mexico; but later on was repopulated in other areas of the world.
  • Bluegills are notorious for eating just about any kind of bait and being easy to catch.
  • This specie of fish will spawn during the full moon from March to September.
  • Bluegills are fascinated with any light. Since insects are found going near light the Bluegill will follow light to follow insects for feeding.
  • The Bluegill is infamous for overcrowding. They will reproduce and overpopulate a little section of water if not watched over.


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