Let us face it – fish are one of the most interesting creatures around. Whether you encounter fish as pets, or out in the wild as you go fishing, they are still an important part of many people’s lives.


Some fun facts about fish:


  • They breathe in water – which is why they cannot drown.


  • Many fish eat other species of fish.


  • 12 million households have aquarium fish – this means they are very popular with Americans.


  • The smallest type of fish is only a quarter of an inch long. It is called a stout infant.


  • Dentists keep fish tanks in their waiting rooms to make patients less anxious.


  • Let me give you a funny trivia about fish: An ichthyologist is not someone who is interested in itching. It is someone who studies fish.


  • When many fish swim together, they are referred to as a school.


  • Even among fish, there are stalkers. The Pike for example, follows other fish around, taking cover using logs and plant cover.


  • Your lipstick probably has fish scales in it!


  • Amazing fish facts reveal that Goldfish can live more than 20 years – much longer than cats or dogs. The longest a goldfish has lived in recorded history is 43 years. A goldfish does not have a stomach. It can see light rays that humans cannot – including ultra-violet and infrared rays. Goldfish can live in water that is freezing. Lastly, goldfish have been pets for more than a millennium.

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