If you’re looking for different facts about koi fish then you’ve come at the right place. In this article, you’ll find amazing fish facts featuring koi fish!


  • Koi fish can grow up to three feet long, so they need a big pond. Three Kois can usually fit in a pond 10 feet by 10 feet.


  • The pond needs to have a water pump and a heater to keep the fish comfortable.


  • Koi come from Japan but are available any local pet store. Koi are much hardier than comet goldfish. They enjoy a longer lifespan (up to 20 years) and even have a bigger body.


  • Koi Fish Trivia. This tropical fish do not just come in one color, they can be white, yellow, orange, white red and black were used.


  • Larger Koi are generally pricier. Better, buy small koi fish at 5 dollars apiece. Waiting until they are bigger say 12 inches is expensive – it may result in an expense of 100 dollars.


  • If the fish spawn in your pond, you could very well end up with 1,000 baby Koi! Koi feed on pellet food or any other type of food.

Koi are said to being luck to their owner. Koi fishponds are gaining a lot of popularity.  They can bring life to any garden fishpond.

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