Minnows are small, adaptable fish that can be found in different types of habitats and conditions. People breed them for different purposes such as baits and pets. A very popular member of the minnow family is the goldfish. Get to know more freshwater fish facts as you read on. Given below is the last of facts about minnow.


Minnow Description

Minnows belong to the family, Cyprinidae. These are small silvery fish that are less than 4 inches in length and live up to 3 or 4 years, although some larger minnows can live up to 10. Identification of minnow species is difficult because there are a lot of minnow variations and crossbreed characteristics.


Different Species of Minnow

Common minnow species such as the creek chub, fallfish, golden shiner and the common shiner are natives to North America. The goldfish and the carp are also members of the Cyprinidae family but they did not originate in the freshwaters of North America.

Other members of the family are used mainly as bait such as the bluntnose and fathead.


Facts about Minnows Breeding
Minnows reach sexual maturity very quickly. Minnows lay their eggs on algae at the bottom of their habitat. In some species, the male builds a nest and guards over the eggs until they hatch. Minnows usually breed during spring and midsummer.


Minnow Care Tips

Minnows are very easy to keep as pets. Just get a tank that is 2-4 feet deep, filter, submersible water pump, a temperature regulator and you are all set!

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