Skate fish have different names in different languages. They are Ray in French, Rochen in German, Raya in Spanish, Skat in Russian and Gangiei in Japanese. Get to know more facts about skate fish through these interesting fish facts.


Fish Facts: What you need to know about skate fish?


  • The skate has no stinger, unlike other members of the ray family. It is flat and is shaped like a kite with two wings. People only eat the wings of the skate.


  • Skates come from Taiwan, USA, and the Caribbean, but they are consumed in Germany, Spain, Japan and the USA.


  • These marine fish have to be processed well after capture because they are prone to smell of ammonia. This is because Skate fish get rid of excess urea through their skin.


  • Skates are found near the floor of the ocean, where they spend most of their times.


  • Only a few, such as the manta ray and the devil ray spend time away from the bottom of the ocean.


  • Scientists believe that the color of the rays helps to serve as a camouflage, which blends with the floor of the ocean.


  • One interesting trivia about Skates is the way they identify family members. Apparently, Skates use electricity to recognize each other.


  • Manta rays are scary to anglers because they are so big. Chevrolet even created a Stingray inspired sports car in 1958.


  • Sometimes, when provoked or scared, Rays attack people with their barbs or stings.

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