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Rules for Submitting Your Articles

We’d like to thank you for being generous and interested enough to contribute articles to our website! Before sending any work to us, please read the following terms and guidelines to making article contributions.

Terms for Submission and Authorship:

1. We will accept only original articles submitted by the actual author. (If it’s ghostwritten, the article should never be published under someone else’s name.)

2. We won’t accept online syndicated articles, either. Articles submitted must not only be original, but should be unique submissions for the exclusive use of our site alone. However, we will accept articles that have been or will be published in traditional “off-line” publications, such as magazines, books, and printed newspapers.

3. When you submit content to us, you are giving us permission to publish them exclusively on our site. This assumes that you own the copyright to the article you’ve submitted, are legally authorized to provide publication permission, and are acknowledging this as such.

4. Once we publish your article on our website, it cannot be removed.

5. We may also feature some submitted articles on our ezines or offline publications. Your submission of your article to us also means you’ve given us permission to publish your article elsewhere.

6. If and when we accept and publish your article, you will not receive any form of payment. The transaction is understood to be a voluntary submission of articles, in exchange for free Web publishing and exposure for the author on our site.

7. Regardless of where we publish your article, you will always receive full credit as its author. In this way, we help publicize your work as a writer.

Criteria for Article Publication:

• Articles must be well-written and well-crafted. This includes having a logical content structure, good punctuation, good spelling, and good grammar.

• Articles are meant to be for the readers’ benefit, and not the author’s. Content should never be disguised sales copy for any products or services.

• We want articles that run between 250 to 1,500 words.

• We will not accept any article that promotes or contains profanity, racism, off-color humor, or any negative comments regarding any group.

• Do not include any HTML in your article’s text.

• When submitting your articles, please use only the submission form we provide here on our website.
• Submit your article by emailing to admin @, don’t forget to include this website’s name in the mail.