The Swordtail fish is also known in the scientific name of Xiphophorus Hellerii. This aquarium fish originate from the rivers of Central America and are thus strong swimmers and jumpers. Find out more interesting facts about swordtail fish as you read on.


Swordtail Fish Fast Facts


  • Swordtail fish are peaceful to members of their own species and other species of fish. They swim in the top level of the water. They reach an adult size of 10 -12cm in length.


  • Male swordtail fish can be territorial and will have battles with other males, but any amount can be kept in a tank, except having too many males in one tank is not advised. The male to female ratio can be 1:3.  Males harass the females, so more females should be kept to prevent distress.


  • Ideal tank conditions comprise of a water pH of 7.0 -8.0, dH of 12.0 to 18.0 and temperatures of 21– 28°C.


Essential Tips in Keeping Swordtail fish


When keeping swordtail fish, the waters must have a strong current to prevent them from jumping out. They also require a large aquarium, because they are fast swimmers. It is suggested to keep at least 40-50 liters of water per swordtail fish.


There should be lots of hiding space for both genders to hide. Too much driftwood in the tank should be avoided, since it turns water acidic. The fish prefer brackish water

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