Rainbow fish are part of the Family Melanotaediida and can be found in the waters of New Guinea and Australia. They were first described as sunfish in 1843. They are beautiful, rainbow-colored fish, with a peaceful and undemanding nature which makes them ideal as aquarium pet.


Rainbow fish come in a large variety such as the Banded, Celebes, Bosemani, Dwarf and Herbert Axelrod’s Rainbow fish.


Rainbow fish Description


Most male species display a varied courtship stripe during spawning, which attracts the females. A few females also display a feint stripe. They have an elongated, diamond shaped body, which is laterally compressed. Their shapes also vary by species. They grow between 3cm to 15cm in length. Most are resilient fish and the larger species can live up to six years in an aquarium.



Rainbow fish are omnivorous and eat any live, fresh or flake food. The carotene dye in some pet store food can enhance their color.




Eggs are laid perennially in their inhabited area. The fish breed easily and the fry are easy to rear. Rainbow fish breed especially after a water change, and spawn frequently in a community aquarium.


Facts about Rainbow fish you should know if they are kept in artificial fish tanks


This fish travel in schools of 8 to 10 fish. They fit best in larger fish tanks, since they require open space. Fish below 6cm can be kept in a 20 gallon aquarium, fish between 6cm and 12cm in a 50-60 gallon tank and fish from 12cm to 15cm must be kept in a 150-gallon tank. They require a quiet and soft-lighten environment.

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