Boxfish include cowfish and trunkfish, and are puffer-like fishes. All have squared, bone-enclosed bodies. Most boxfish are from the Pacific Ocean and some species are from the Caribbean, but are found over a large area. Given below are more fascinating facts about boxfish.


Boxfish Fast Facts


  • Various different species of boxfish are available. The most popular species is Long-horned cowfish. They are becoming increasingly popular, which proves that hobbyists are becoming more able to care for them properly.


  • Boxfish are omnivorous and eat different kinds of food. Their diet should always include vegetables. There is no available information about breeding captive boxfish.


  • Water requirements depend on the species of Boxfish, as each has different needs.


Helpful Tips in Keeping Boxfish as pet


  1. Boxfish should be kept alone in a tank, because when they are stressed, they release a toxin that can kill other fish around them. This aquarium fish move very slow and are easily distressed. Even if they die, they may release a toxin, which kill the remainder of the fish.


  1. It is not certain if they do release this toxin after death, but it is advised to remove the dead fish without delay to prevent or limit the discharged toxin.


  1. If you decide to keep them with other fish, docile fish are the best choice to prevent the boxfish from becoming stressed. It is therefore imperative to avoid mixing them with large or aggressive fish.


Larger aquariums are more suitable for them and they prefer slow or medium current flow. Decorating the aquarium with caves and other hiding places will make the fish feel safe.

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