Neon tetras belong to the Family Characidae and genus Paracheirodon, with the scientific name of Paracheirodon inne. These aquarium fish are indigenous to northern South America. The Neon tetra is often the first choice of the beginner aquarist, because they so are popular and are ideal for small community aquariums. Below are more neon tetra facts.


Basic Description of Neon Tetras


Their bodies have a distinct sparkling blue lateral line with a red stripe from the centre of the body to the bottom of the caudal fin. They are pelagic freshwater fish. All tetras have a blunt nose and spindle shaped body. Their colors are dull when they are resting, stressed, ill or have an insufficient diet. They reach a size of 2.2cm or 0.85inches




The neon tetra is a peaceful community fish, which need to be kept with similar sized, non-aggressive fish. They swim in the middle to lower areas of the water and need sufficient hiding spots. They can sometimes reach an age of up to 10 years.




Neon tetras are omnivores and eat most food types.


Neon Tetra as Aquarium Pet


They are susceptible to the fatal Pleistophora disease, for which there is no cure. Hobby aquarists find them tricky to breed, but professionals worldwide can produce mass amounts.  They scatter the eggs and do not care for the eggs. They must be kept in a school of at least five or more fish and are then more likely to display their colors. Water conditions required are pH range of 50-7.0, dH of 1-2 and temperature of 20-26°C/68-80°F.


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