The Panda, widely known as Panda Bear or Giant Panda, is specie of bear endemic to China. They are widely recognized because of their black-white markings on its body. With the decrease number of panda population, they are considered as endangered animals. Find out more facts about Panda through these animal facts. Given below are some fun and interesting panda facts.

Specific Facts about Panda Bear


Basically, they have bear-like body shape. Its ears, muzzle, shoulders, eye patches and legs are coated with black fur, while the rest of its body is covered with white fur. The reasons why giant pandas have this kind of body markings are unknown. The thick fur of pandas helps to keep themselves warm in cool environment.

The size of giant panda is similar to the size of American black bear, around 4 to 6 feet tall (from head to toe). Male panda bears are relatively bigger than its female counterpart, weighing around 250 lbs. Female pandas can reach up to 220 lbs.


Giant panda are found inhabiting in humid, coniferous forests with dense bamboo setting, at the altitude between five thousand and ten thousand feet. These forests usually have dense mist or torrential rains all through the year.


The usually diet of wild panda is mainly bamboo. Other food source comes from small rodents and grasses. In captivity, they eat sugar cane, bamboo, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples and rice gruel.

Natural Life

The lifespan of panda in the wild is uncertain. On the other hand, those in captivity can live up to 35 years old.

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