These are perhaps the most (in) famous creature among these, with its potentially dangerous violent nature. Get to know more about this marine fish through these killer whale facts.


  • Killerwhale is also known as Orca, Blackfish or Seawolf. They look like a barrel.


  • Second to humans, the Killerwhale is the most widely distributed mammal in the planet. They can adapt themselves to different seas and oceans.


  • The Arctic, Antarctic and colder regions have the highest population of them. They are difficult to spot because of their black and white coloration, which is a perfect camouflage, enabling them to capture prey from land and sea.


  • Killer Whales are huge, from 5.8 to 6.7 meters and weighing 3.6 – 5.4 kg. Killer whales move in groups, led by a mother figure. Generally, they pray on about 30 species of fish in order to survive. They use sound to navigate and to communicate underwater and are highly intelligent. The image of the Killer Whale is one that evokes fear in many people’s minds.


More Fish facts: What you need to know about Killer Whales:


  1. They have a very good sense of hearing.
  2. They can see very well, both from inside and outside the water.
  3. Further, they cannot smell.
  4. The killer whale has powerful jaws and strong teeth, which it can use to destroy other whales and other species

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