Dolphins are intelligent, sociable and acrobatic animals. Dolphins belong to the order Cetacea with two main groups; the Ondontoceti (toothed whales) and Mysticeti (baleen whales). Given below are more fun facts about dolphins.


Dolphin Facts for kids


  • Dolphins are toothed whales. The term dolphin is an unspecific term and not referring to one taxonomic class. Oceanic dolphins (Delphinidae), river dolphins (Iniidae) and Indian River dolphins (Platanistidae) are all toothed whales and are commonly referred to as dolphins.


  • Oceanic dolphins are the most diverse group of cetaceans and are named ‘true dolphins’.


  • The Family Delphinidae, the largest subgroup of cetaceans, includes 32 different species.


  • Oceanic dolphins inhabit the outlying oceans, but are also sometimes found in coastal waters or rivers.


  • Certain oceanic dolphins have a rostrum or prominent beak. Some oceanic dolphins have a long and slender snout due to their long, protruding jaws. They have several cone-shaped teeth with up to 130 teeth per jaw in some species.


  • The Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and Atlantic Humpbacked Dolphin among others, all have prominent beaks.


Interesting Facts about Dolphins


1. Dolphins have outstanding vision in and outside of water, but lack a sense of smell.


2. Dolphins have forelimbs called pectoral flippers. These flippers are equivalent to arms in humans and use it to steer and control their speed.


3. The dorsal fin controls the direction and stability of the dolphin in the water. Not all dolphins possess a dorsal fin though.


4. Sounds travel via fat-lobes in the lower jaw and skull bones to the inner and middle ear, which is a very unique hearing mechanism.

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