Catfish is one of the most well-known freshwater fish around the world. This freshwater-dwelling fish can be found in all regions of the world barring Antarctica. Find out more information about catfish. This article will give you several interesting catfish facts that review catfish’s characteristics, habitat, diet and more.

Basic Facts about Catfish

Characteristics: Catfish are generally characterized by their long whisker-like barbels, and broad, flattened heads. Catfish have their taste buds on their barbels, which they use for smelling and sensing nearby prey or predators. However, not all species of catfish have these famous barbels.

Habitat: Catfish are found inhabiting in fast-moving lakes and rivers throughout the world except Antarctic regions.

Diet: Catfish are generally carnivores in nature. They primarily feed on insects, smaller species of fish, worms, smaller reptiles, amphibians and mammals such as frogs, and newts. The young catfish feed on aquatic plants though.

More Facts about Catfish

  • The size of catfish varies from 1cm to 270cm. the best pH level for Catfish is around 6.5 to 8.0.
  • Catfish have massive number of predators including large species of fish, reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians.
  • There are about 3,000 recognized catfish species and it is said that there are still thousand of catfish species that are yet to be discovered.
  • Full grown female catfish usually lay their eggs closely to the water surface to keep them safe from other aquatic animals. Females can lay about 10 to 90 eggs at a time which hatch in a couple of days.

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