Piranhas are well-known for their carnivorous nature. These freshwater fishes are found inhabiting in Southern regions of America. The term “Piranha” is a derivative of two combined words “Pira” which means “fish and “ranha” or “sanha” which means “tooth”. Increase your knowledge about piranha through these interesting piranha facts. This article will provide you smattering facts about Piranha.


Piranhas are characterized by their rounded head and razor-sharp teeth. They usually come in silver color along with the red-pigmented patches.


Piranhas are found inhabiting in freshwater of South America particularly in Amazon basin where the current of water is quite faster.


Although piranhas are carnivorous in nature, they are actually omnivore. They primarily feed on insects, fish, snails, plants, and even larger animals that drop on the water. They usually hunt and attack preys in large group.

More Fascinating Facts about Piranha

  • Piranhas are preyed by larger animals including botos or river dolphins, turtles, larger fish, birds and crocodiles.
  • The average size of piranhas is 30 centimeter in length, but there are some other species that can grow up to 80 centimeters.
  • One fun piranha facts is that most people tend to fear piranhas more than sharks.
  • Piranhas mostly breed in pairs in lagoons and alike where the flow of water is quite slower. They usually breed during rainy season. Female piranhas can lay over 5,000 eggs on average. And since both male and female piranhas are protective over their offspring, about 90% of the eggs hatch successfully.

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