Fancy a dash of red, do you? The Dwarf Rasbora is certainly your kind of fish. Their males are a very strong shade of red. At ¾ of an inch, they are very small and one would not want to create a scary environment for them by having them share a tank with much bigger fish! Learn more information about Dwarf Rasbora through these fascinating fish facts.


These tropical fish are so small that scientists were once fooled into thinking that they were the young of the Clown Rasbora. They later on realized that Dwarf Rasbora is a distinct species.


Scientists also once thought that the Dwarf Rasbora were the tenth smallest known vertebrate, something they now know is not true.


Here are some facts about Dwarf Rasbora:


  1. They are very friendly and calm. This means they should not be put together with more aggressive species of fish.


  1. These fish only do well when they are in consistently pure water.


  1. They do not like overly harsh lighting.


  1. While males are bright red in color, females are usually pink. Both tend to have a few black spots on the sides of their bodies.


These fish are omnivorous, that means they can eat a variety of foods.

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