Salmon spend part of their lives in freshwater where they were bred and spawn. Most of their lives are spent in saltwater where they grow into adulthood. Below are more interesting facts about Salmon that you did not know before.


1. There are species of salmon that are already extinct.


2. The death of a salmon means food for many animals such as eagles, bears, and otters.


3. A salmon knows when to return to its spawning ground by measuring the length of the days (indicating the season).


5. Salmon can swim up to speeds of 14 kilometers per hour.


6. The law prohibits salmon fishing on fishing grounds.


7. Within a couple of days after spawning, the salmon’s belly turns red and then it dies.


8. Another amazing salmon fact is that Salmon use low-frequency sound waves to locate food from afar because they are nearsighted.


9. The largest salmon in the Pacific Ocean are the Chinook salmon which can grow over 100 pounds in weight.


10. Pollution in the water can kill the salmon on their way to the spawning grounds and also the fry hatchlings.


11. Less than one out of 1000 eggs laid in the wild make it to be spawning adult salmon.


12. Salmon can survive and can be comfortable in waters with a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 12.8 degrees Celsius.


14. This saltwater / freshwater fish can find their way back to their spawning ground by smelling the right stream.


15. Rainbow trout (which can also be called ‘steel head trout) are really Pacific salmon.


16. A female salmon can lay up to 1200 eggs into the nest.


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