Gar is a carnivorous freshwater fish found inhabiting in freshwater environment of Central and North America. There are about seven varied species of garfish spread throughout the American continent. Learn more information about garfish through these interesting fish facts. This article will provide you different fascinating garfish facts that review gar’s unique features, diet, breeding, habitat and more.

Basic Facts about Garfish

Characteristics: Garfish is characterized by it sharp teeth, elongated body and strong, powerful jaw. Despite of being slow-moving fish, they can efficiently catch their prey with the help of their powerful jaw filled by needle-like teeth.

Lifespan: Since Garfish are generally large-sized, they have fewer numbers of predators within their natural habitat. Hence they can live around 10 to 20 years.

Habitat: Gars are usually found inhabiting in brackish and fresh water of eastern regions of North America, some parts of Caribbean Islands and Central America. They tend to live in slow-running freshwaters such as lakes and reservoirs.

Diet: Garfish are carnivores in nature. They primarily feed on insects, smaller species of fish and invertebrates such as crabs.

More Facts about Garfish for Kids

  • The size of garfish ranges from 2 feet to 9.8 feet. Its optimum ph level is around 6.0 to 9.0.
  • Garfish are preyed by larges animals such as alligators, large fishes, crocodiles and even humans, being the predominant predators of garfish.
  • Spring months, from April to June, are the mating season for garfish. Full grown female gar can lay about 10 eggs on nearby beach or trees. And just like other types of fish, they usually leave their offspring once hatched.
  • The population of gar decreases in some areas because of water pollution and over-fishing. Regardless, they are not yet listed as endangered.

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