Basic Facts about Blue Gourami


It has scientific name of Trichogaster trichopterus.

Family: Belontiidae

Water Requirement: pH of 6.0-8.8, dH of 5-35

Water Temperature: 72-82°F (22-28°C).


Blue Gourami Description


The Blue Gourami species is very popular and has many names. Their basic color is silvery blue but change according to their moods. They have many other names such as the Three Spot Gourami, Opaline Gourami, Cosby Gourami, Golden Gourami and Silver Gourami.


Blue Gourami is native to Malaysia, Thailand, Burma and Vietnam. During spawning, they have a deeper blue color. They have a labyrinth organ that enables them to absorb oxygen directly.



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