The FLOUNDER is a very uniquely shaped fish found in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and off the coasts of Canada and United States. If you’re looking for more interesting facts about marine fish flounder, you’ve come at the right place. Given below are fascinating flounder facts.


  • Species of Flounder

Flounders are classified into many species according to the placement of their eyes and their color. In the Pleuronectidae class, their eyes are placed on their right sides while in the Bothidae and Paralichthydae classes, their eyes are on the left.


  • Flounder Description

Flounders can grow to a variety of sizes, from 20 lbs to 600 lbs. Their length generally depends on the species that they belong to. The fins of the flounder are found on all sides of the body except for a small part of the head. They are usually colored brown but they sometimes have red, orange, green and blue varieties.


  • Interesting information about flounder

The flounder has a very unique growth process. When it hatches, it has eyes on both sides of the head. After a few days, one eye migrates towards the other side. Its musculature and digestive tract also morph depending on the eye. The flounder leans towards the eyeless side and the color there becomes pale and eventually white. The side later on becomes the bottom of the fish. The changes are all genetic.


  • Facts about flounder diet

Flounders eat a variety of food such as mollusks, worms, crawfish and other fish.


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