The Megamouth shark is considered as the rarest specie of shark. This shark specie, Megachasma pelagios, was first discovered in 1976. Since then up to 2010, only 50 specimens of this deepwater shark has been sighted or caught.

Comparable to its relative species of shark, the whale shark and basking shark, Megamouth shark is also a filter feeder. It has its wide mouth open as it swims to filter water for jellyfish and plankton. To know more facts about shark, read on and enjoy these shark facts.

Shark Facts – Fascinating Facts about Megamouth Shark

  • This rare shark specie is distinctively characterized by its enormous head along with rubbery lips.
  • Since it is very unlike among other shark species, new family classification has to be instituted – the Megachasmidae, in which the Megamouth shark is the sole member.
  • Because of its soft fins, slack body, lack of keels and asymmetrical tail, Megamouth sharks are relatively poor swimmers and less active.
  • Other shark facts suggest that megamouth is generally blackish-brownish in color on its top and white underneath.
  • This shark can grow up to 18ft long and weigh up to 2,600 pounds!

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