The Flame Tetra fish is also known as the Fire Tetra or Von Rio Tetra. This tropical fish were first named by Meyers in 1924. Learn more information about flame tetra fish as you read on.




  • The front of its body is mostly silver and gradually turns red towards the back, particularly at the base of the fins. Behind the gills are two black stripes and have a blue eye ring.


  • The maximum size for the fish is 1.5 inches or 4cm.


  • The male’s anal fin is blood red, while a lighter shade or occasionally yellow fin is observed with the female.




Flame tetra fish naturally inhabit the coastal rivers of eastern Brazil in the region of Rio de Janeiro.




The fish are resilient and breed readily. The fish are omnivorous and eat live food or flake food. They eat worms, small crustaceans and plants.




If they are bothered, they become anxious and turn pale. It is for this reason that in pet shops they are less noticed and therefore less popular.


Facts about Flame Tetra fish you should know before getting one as pet.


  • It is important to have friendly tank mates and to provide them with a serene environment. They only become active once the aquarium is calm and they feel confident enough. They require a school of at least six fish and must be accompanied by other small fish.


  • They swim in all areas of the aquarium. Water conditions best suited are Dgh 10°, pH 6.5 to 7.0 and temperatures between 26 – 28°C.


They are not endangered species of fish and are readily available.

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